Most folks assume that a pretty face is all it takes for a woman to make it in this world. While that assumption could not be more wrong, there are a few fine females out there getting by on just looks alone. However, this is far from the norm.

Many women work hard, debatably harder than a lot of modernday ,men and they do it all while looking like a straight ten!

Time and time again, absolutely stunning women prove that they have the juice and the sauce too! LOL, but seriously, there are so many fierce females out there who are not  only very intelligent and incredibly talented but are also gorgeous. Talk about the whole package!

What is not to love and appreciate about a woman who is smart and sexy What’s not to admnire about a hardworking woman who takes care of herself? The fact ios, there is not enough respect in the world for these incredibly hard-working women in uniform who manage to excel in nearly every aspect of their lives.

Today, we praise the Queens who have got it all going on-from the office, to the field to the conference room and even th beach. There is not a time and place that these fierce females don’t SLAY. Facts.

They say you can’t have it all, but apparently you can. Not only is this woman hot, but she’s also got a good job.

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