It was just weeks ago that a devastating category 5 storm by the name of Irma wreaked havoc upon Puerto Rican soil.

The powerful hurricane left one million citizens without power and destroyed practically everything in it’s path.

Just when Puerto Ricans thought it was over, left to rebuild everything from square one and clean up the mess, a sick twist of fate made things notably worse for citizens of the American-owned island.

Maria, a category 4 storm made it’s way to destroy anything that was left  untouched by Irma, just 13 days later.

Disappointing and lackluster might begin to describe the response on behalf of the United States’ humanitarian effort.

The public response by high-ranking officials in the U.S. government hasn’t given the 3.4 million American citizens without power, and little food and water, much hope that help will come soon.

That being said, someone else decided to take matters into their own hands-Latino Americans.

A few notable Latino American stars are doing the most to help Puerto Ricans-Read on to LEARN MORE