Due to circumstances either unfortunate or unavoidable, these ten children were raised a little differently than the rest.

Many of their stories shocking and sad, some of the children who were never given a chance at a “normal” life from the beginning, learned to thrive and survive among the company of their loyal animal families…

Get an inside look at the not often explored subject of feral children and the lasting effects that going without human interaction can have…

John Ssebunya Survived A Civil War In Uganda, Thanks To His Monkey Family


After his father murdered his mother, John who was just two-years old, fled into the jungle where he was greeted by a group of monkeys offering fruit and company. The boy lived a short time with the monkey family and is thankful for their incredible hospitality.

Marina Chapman Is Thankful For The Capuchin Monkeys That Saved Her Life

Chapman learned to scavenge and survive in the wild by sticking with a group of Capuchin Monkey who kept her safe.

Ng Chhaidy Spent 40 Years In The Jungle

Disappearing in 1974. Chhaidy was not found and reunited with her mother until 2012.

Genie Was not Technically Raised by An Animal, But Instead Treated As One…


After a doctor noticed that “Genie” exhibited a few very odd behaviors, authorities were called on the young girl’s parents. Upon arriving at the girl’s home, police learned that she had been living a nightmare. Genie spent most of her life tied to a chair, unable to speak in fear of her father.

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