The sneaker business is big, big money. The industry rakes in billions of dollars per year – and that’s just counting the “big 3” of kicks – Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.


There’s plenty more out there like Puma, New Balance, Vans and Asics just to name a few.




The culture of sneakerheads is growing rapidly, too.


Blogs, podcasts, Vlogs all pay tribute to the apparel genre and well-known artists even customize pro athlete’s cleats with amazing designs.




The most popular and upscale sneaker brand is still Jordans, although Adidas’ Yeezy line is definitely up there in style and price.


It’s hard for smaller companies like ANTA and even longstanding brands like Skechers to make strides when the juggernauts of the sneaker game are dominating the world at every turn.




In order to stand out, you have to really stand out.


That’s what ShiftWear is hoping to do.


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