Back in the day, they were the ultimate symbol of wealth and distinction. If the lap of luxury had a destination, it would be this watery locale. From a simple above-ground model to a fancy freestyle design complete with diving board, slide, and a built-in Jacuzzi, owning one elevates your status and guarantees warm months full of splishy, splashy fun.

Would You Swim Here?



How About Here?



Of course, we are talking about a swimming pool, that man-made lake with its own filtration system that we all love. The Beverly Hillbillies called it their “cement pond” and they were right. Instead of heading down to the neighborhood swimmin’ hole (if one existed), you’d invite the gang over to your place and watch Mom blanch as a batch of “new friends” turned the backyard into a prepubescent Spring Break.

Want Something Like This In Your Backyard?



It’s all a matter of money – and the more you have, the more extravagant and unusual your pool can be. Just ask the people and places featured in the video clip included here. From hotels that use such amenities as a draw to the private citizen who wants to turn their property into a personal water park, the kidney shaped piece of concrete has come a very long way indeed.

How About This?



Is This The Ultimate In Luxury?



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