We’ve all seen the commercials, usually on some obscure cable channel or TV outlet and almost always late at night. Like the poor sick dogs and cats featured in the ASPCA ads, their sad faces showcasing a need for money and adoption, these kids offer their own tragic circumstances. All are battling cancer or some other terminal illness. All are helped by the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and their Fund. All use a brave face and a depressing circumstances to urge you to open up your wallet or pocketbook and help.

This Is Jessica


And This Is Her Dad, Andy


This Four-Year-Old Hero Is Battling A Very Rare And Deadly Cancer


In many cases, the images are difficult to look at – and one father is making sure we never forget that. Over in England, Andy Whelan is dealing with a daughter who is suffering with Stage Four Neuroblastoma for over a year. During a particularly painful time in Jessica’s treatment, he took a picture of her. The image – a horrific black and white flash of the four-year-old wincing in pain, a single tear streaming down her face – has set the web on fire. Thousands have clicked on it, and even more come to the Whelan’s Facebook Page to get more information on Jessica and what can be done to help her.

Some Days Are Good


Some See Her Under The Watchful Eye Of Doctors


And Then There Are Days When The Pain Is Just Too Much


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