One of the job requirements Gaetano Acerra signed up for is helping people but what he did for a young boy is going viral because his actions went far beyond the call of duty.

Gaetano Acerra is a police officer in Sumter, South Carolina . Acerra went to work on this particular day just like he would any other day. However, on this day the South Carolina officer made a difference in a HUGE way.

It all began when Acerra responded to a domestic call. A young boy was said to have gotten into a fight with his mother.

Upon arrival at the boy’s home, 13-year-old Cameron Simmons told Acerra that he wanted to run away. Acerra did what most well-trained professionals would do-he immediately tried to make the best and inspire positivity within the young man.

He wanted to remind him why he was blessed, ya know? Officer Acerra told Cameron that he “had it pretty good”, but then Acerra walked into the young teen’s bedroom and silently retracted his previous statement.

“I said, ‘You have it good, you have a roof over your head,'”

Acerra said.

“I told him I would try to help him out, and here we are now.”

Cameron’s bedroom was practically empty. With no furniture or even a bed, the 13-year-old slept on the floor of the sparse space..

A Sumter police officer responded to a call. He saw that a young boy was sleeping on a floor because he didn't have a…

Posted by Ferdinando Acerra on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cameron had an air mattress that leaked badly so it would deflate through the night, leaving his back hurting as he was essentially lying on the floor night in and night out.

“My heart went out for him. I thought the little things that he needed I could give him, to make him a happier kid,”

Acerra said.

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