At the beginning of the 2017 season, the NBA and Nike signed an eight-year contract for the sports apparel juggernaut to take over outfitting the Association.

It was pretty exciting news for fans and even some players.

Guess what? It never came.

Instead, the league and Nike allowed teams to unveil their uniforms on their own time. This meant that some teams went right ahead and did that, while othersplayed a waiting game-at least until after the new digs were leaked by “NBA 2K18“.

Finally, all 30 teams’ Icon (team color) and Association (classic white) jerseys were showcased.

But the Athlete Mindset or Statement (players’ input) jerseys and Community (locally inspired) uniforms had yet to be revealed.

Then came the “2K18” pre-order release and suddenly, the Statements were rolled out.

It wasn’t all of them, mind you, but it was enough for fans to question what the NBA and Nike were thinking by not allowing people to have the opportunity to purchase a new fire Kyrie Irving Celtics jersey or Chris Paul Rockets No. 3.

That lasted about 48 hours before the league and Nike got it together for (finally) a massive jersey reveal.

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