Back in the day, marriage was about more than love. It was about property. It was about the transfer of wealth. It was about social standing and political influence. In fact, many of the most famous couples from the past weren’t the result of some torrid affair topped off with a wedding spectacular fir for a king…or queen…or duke…or duchess. No, people got hitched for a myriad of reasons beyond a mutual attraction and a desire to spend their lives together. In some cases, it was all in the family.

Here are 15 people who took that concept to a creepy, uncomfortable point. All of them married a relative – in most cases, a cousin of some closeness – and among the scandal and social alienation, more than one had a nice long life as husband and wife. Check them out:

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani


While he can argue ignorance, the former chief of the country’s largest city understood that his wife Regina was a cousin…a THIRD cousin. Turns out, he was wrong. She was his SECOND.

Queen Elizabeth II


Just like Guiliani, Her Royal Highness knew of her relationship to Prince Phillip. She still married him. He is her second cousin once removed.

Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick


When they married, they didn’t think they were related. Now, after appearing on a TV show which traced their family heritage, they found out they are ninth cousins, once removed.

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