For many, it’s the only way to travel, the main mass transit system for moving many people from Point A to Point B in relative style and comfort. Others envision it by its former label, the gentleman’s mode of travel, and for them, no other means of ‘locomotion’ will do. Either by diesel or steam, electric or other, the train can and often is the lifeline for a nation. It links commerce with its community, and visa versa.

Ahhh…Train Travel…



Is There Anything More Civilized?


But that doesn’t mean that every railway is the Orient Express. Some are mere workhorses for their various constituents. You’ve seen the images on NatGeo or some other Discovery based station – a boxcar overflowing with “riders,” many barely hanging on for their lives. When the only other means of getting there are your own two feet, you’ll risk anything for a ride.

Well, Maybe Not This…



But there are other dangers that don’t involve being perched precariously on the side of a rusty coach. As you will see in the video included here, some of these tracks were laid in places that, today, would be scoffed at as dangerous and highly unsafe. Engineering wise, they’re a marvel. In common sense terms, you might be better with a mule and a blind guide.

And Definitely Not This…



And This Doesn’t Seem Safe AT ALL!!!



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