Depending on your beliefs, the world is either billions of years old with evolution populating the planet with all manner of curious critters, or just a couple thousand, saved from extinction by Noah and his crew. From man on down the food chain, there are various and sundry versions of everything out there. We like to think we know it all, but we really don’t.

What Is This?



Currently, scientists believe there are approximately eight million, seven hundred thousand different species on Earth. For far, we’ve uncovered about 15%. 15%. That’s right – a mere fraction of what is out there, lurking through the jungles and slithering through the swamps.

Is This For Real?


There are several critters, however, that man has believed in even without proof. They represent myths and legends, misunderstanding and that reliable old world weakness – the desire to explain the (then) unexplainable. With the passage of time, people are looking for proof…and some say they have found it.

Now That’s Just Creepy



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