What began as a Maritime Archeology project in the Black Sea, surveying the bottom of the “dead zone” opened up portals of opportunities to explore!

While using incredibly high-tech remotely operated vehicles, or ROV’s to explore the geophysical characteristics of the sea floor known for it’s complete darkness and lack of oxygen researchers stumbled upon over 40 long lost ships ancient Greek and Roman days.

Although scientists, archeologists, and historians have expressed the likelihood of finding pieces of human past in this location, this is the first time that research and technology have allowed us to explore these off shore artifacts from the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires.

Research Lead To An Unexpected Discovery!


Using 2 ROVs To Explore The Bottom Of The Black Sea…2

The Wrecks Are So Well Preserved Due To The Lack Of Oxygen3

Among The Wreckage Are Ships From The Byzantine and Ottoman Empires4

This Ship Is From The Ottoman Period5

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