They say wealth can’t buy happiness. They also argue that issues and cash are comparative – as in “mo money, mo problems.” The rich can basically do whatever they want. In a world where the dollar talks and all other so-called valuable ish walks, a big bank account can open doors, rent villas, and turn a standard stay-over in to the va-cay of the century. But there are somethings that your bullion can’t buy. They are the rarities, the items and elements needed and utilized by very specialized individuals and institutions. Some of these aren’t even available for retail. Instead, you have to be one of those appointed users to get any kind of access.

So, what are these items. Well, in the gallery that follows, you’ll see everything – blood (human and horseshoe crab???), drugs (liquid ecstasy, LSD), and animal poisons (King Cobra and scorpion venom). There’s also some perfume, a byproduct of your pancreas, and – believe it or not – printer ink. Check them out, and then realize this – even with a vault filled with gold coins, you probably couldn’t buy many of these. The better question is – why would you want to? Enjoy.

Human Blood: $1,500 Per Gallon


It all depends on how RARE the blood type is.

Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB) – $2,500 Per Gallon


It’s more for medical use than getting high.

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