Parents know just how hard it can be. Parents understand that juggling infants and toddlers and job and to-do lists can be absolutely exhausting. It’s not an east task being a working mother with young children. Not an easy task at all!


If anyone knows this fact to be true it”s Molly. Molly was recently stranded in an airport with her two-month-old daughter. All alone,just her little princess, herself and of course her cellphone.

Now, Molly is a pediatric nurse. She is also a wife and mother of three children. It’s safe to say to has her hands full.

A stranger took this photo of Molly and her infant. However, rather than finding compassion and trying to uplift this clearly exhausted mother, he captioned the image in such  way s to criticize her and shared the image with everyone on the World Wide Web.

The photo quickly became viral and Molly was berated with hateful comments and judgmental phrases.
It wasn’t until Molly spoke up for herself that the cyber-bullying let up…FIND OUT what was really going on in this image UP NEXT