There was once a time, not even that long ago really, when having a tattoo was considered taboo.


There was a certain stigma that went along with ink, as if the only people who got it were people in jail, in heavy metal bands, or biker gangs. You would never see an A-Lister with tats; it’s just wasn’t accepted.


Thankfully, times change!


Nowadays everyone from doctors and lawyers to teachers and nurses have them. They’re a part of our daily life and our culture.


Celebs from all walks of life have them, probably the first genres with ink that come to mind are athletes and musicians.


One musician is taking his tattoo obsession to new heights by tattooing other celebrities’ faces on his body.


That musician? Rapper Drake.


Check out all of Drake’s ink featuring other artists’ faces:


5. Rihanna/Robin Givens

@ovojonnyroxx can't wait to get back to the city and work 6⃣🙏🏼

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At least, we think it’s Rihanna. It could be Robin Givens. It’s been debated for what seems like forever.