Whether you are all too familiar with living paycheck to paycheck or you have just found yourself in a rough spot, almost everyone can relate to being being low on funds. Unfortunately for  some folks who  never seem to catch up , the strugglebus has become a second home. Sometimes all that’s left to do is laugh when your down on your luck and low on cash.

At the end of the day. money certainly can’t buy EVERYTHING but it sure does make getting by in this fast-paced modern day game we call “life” a heck of a lot easier. That being said, everybody falls on hard times and these images are proof that no one is exempt from taking teak on the struggle-bus every now and then.

Let’s Hope This Is A Slight Exaggeration

For your sake.


Act Like You Aren’t Humming The Song Right Now…

Got ’em!

Stretched So Thin Your Yoga Pants Are Crying


‘Nah, I’m Fasting, It’s Cool’

**Attempts to silence the grimacing growl roaring from empty stomach**



Somebody Is So Wrong For This…

But on the real, margarine is cheaper than butter, so sometimes you gotta “believe it’s not butter” and “spread it out” anyway. Can I get an AMEN?


Ever been so broke you had sleep for dinner? At least in 2017 memes can get us through…PEEP Page 2