How do you think the world will end? Are you of the mindset that believes God will pass judgment on us all, calling the faithful up, Rapture style, while the heathens remain on Earth to suffer for eternity. Maybe you worship at the temple of Climate Change, convinced that the entire planet will be plunged into a string of natural disasters that are regrettably man-made.

Is This How The World Ends?



Or Does It End This Way?



There are those who believe in an ELE – or Extinction Level Event – like a meteor strike or some other world ending catastrophe, and there are others who worry that one wrong finger on the right button will lead to nuclear Armageddon. But what if something else happened? What if the planet just decided to stop spinning?

How About This?



Unless you are one who believes in a backward science, the Earth is round and revolves around its North/South pole axis. It in turn revolves around the sun in an orbit that takes approximately 365 days to complete. So what if we just…stopped? What if the ground we are walking on ceased it’s rotation and brought everything to a halt?

Or This?



Or Perhaps This Happens



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