Aleppo. If you don’t know the name, you’ve surely seen the faces. The Syrian city, ground zero in the current Civil War plaguing the Middle Eastern country, has created a social media firestorm what with photos of bloody and traumatized children and hospitals overflowing with underage victims.

This Is Aleppo Today – A War Zone Of Death And Destruction



The children of the war torn town seem to be at the center of the suffering. From the dead and dying to the terrified and traumatized, this conflict is creating an entire generation who know nothing more than bombings and bloodshed, many facing an uncertain future as refugees or orphans. Sadly, many will have no future whatsoever.

This Is The Scene Every Day – Children Being Rushed For Medical Attention



During a recent BBC newscast, footage was shown of a recent rescue. After more than two hours of digging through rubble and debris, Civil volunteer Abu Kifah managed to rescue an infant girl. She was not more than 30 DAYS old. Still alive, he cradled her in his arms as they rushed her to a nearby hospital. The video, shown below, is devastating. The child, covered in a fine layer of dust and dirt, is clearly wounded.

Indeed, Kids Seem To Be The Ones Suffering The Most



Kifah is inconsolable. His tears are genuine, and many, as if the weight of this one life is recalling the many, many more lost. He is beyond despair. He has no more hope inside him. All he wants is to get this baby to safety and get her treated. It’s a heartbreaking clip. It’s also the reality of Aleppo and the surrounding areas, a fact that BBC newsreader Kate Silverton knows all too well. She had to report the story.

The Rescue Of This Little One Is Making Headlines Around The World



And This Is The Reason Why – You Can Really Feel This Man’s Pain


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