Throughout history, there have been lots of dynamic duos who, as a pair, have become legendary. In music, it’s hard to think of Eric B. without Rakim, Salt without Pepa, Big Boi without Andre 3000.


Although, they’ve had separate, successful careers, you can add Eminem and Dr. Dre to that list of iconic hip-hop duos.



Over the years, the two have come together to create some incredible hits and report after report has been coming out that they are definitely going to be working together again soon.



If you’re a hip-hop fan, any news of a potential Em project is exciting, but especially if he’s going to be collaborating with Dr. Dre.


First, the bomb was dropped that Dre would be producing again on Em’s upcoming album, his ninth studio album and first in four years.



It turns out, there’s so much more coming from the old partners!

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