Everyone deals with being bullied for one thing or another in a lifetime. It’s inevitable. What matters most at the end of the day is not what the haters say , it’s ultimately how you deal with the shade that will make or break.


You see, it’s easy to buckle under pressure. It’s natural to want to curl up in a ball and cry or to hide but what’s better than wallowing in your pain?

That’s simple. Getting revenge.

Now, we don’t mean evil, resentful and hurtful revenge because getting even might feel good in the moment but it makes you no better than the person who made you feel less than.

The sweetest revenge is brushing yourself off and trying again.


When you glow up and make the most of your situation, keeping your head high and your pride strong, ultimately-you win. Sure, you weren’t necessarily competing to begin with but the fact is, a bully wanted to bring you down and by responding with success, smiles and improvement is the absolute best clap back to those who want you to fail.

Seriously, there is nothing more annoying than your positive presence to a negative person that tried to break you down.

When Yi Chen was a young girl living in Taiwan, she was taunted by her classmates and even her teacher for being muscular.

The teacher called her “elephant legs” and the children, in turn, referred to her as “King Kong Barbie.” Her own family even told her she was “too big.”

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Yi was 10 at the time so as you imagine, she was very impressionable at the time and these harsh words were pretty tough on her sensitive soul and developing mind.

Her teacher’s remarks got to her so much in fact, that she decided to quit playing sports, the one thing she really loved and traded her athletic lifestyle in, in an attempt to be “thin.”

Yi even started eating less and struggled with eating disorders as a result of the bullying.

Yi then relocated to the U.S. and things took a dramatic turn…