It’s 2017 which means everybody is generally aware that climate change is a thing that is actually happening.

Individuals, special environmental groups, and governments are trying to do their part to make sure the beautiful world we live in is here to be enjoyed and appreciated for thousands of generations to come.

A Small Child Hauls Cobalt In The Pouring Rain

In Great Britain, the governing body has vowed to ban the sale of gas (or petrol, if you’re British) and diesel powered cars and switch to using only electric vehicles by 2040.

It’s commendable on the part of Great Britain to be so progressive with their determination on restricting further damage to Mother Earth.

The British aren’t the only ones to take such steps.

Children Are Threatened With Violence To Keep Working

All across Europe, countries are pushing for the use of electric vehicles, but is it coming at a price to human life?

Recent findings by the Daily Mail say that it is.

This Is Eight-Year-Old Dorsen And 11-Year-Old Richard

The essential ingredient to an electric car’s battery is cobalt. Where do all the major auto manufacturers get cobalt from?

The Democratic Republic of Congo. And the effects of mining the element on the children who do so are devastating.

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