Ed Sheeran has managed to effortlessly capture the undying attention of fans from all over the world. Working with everyone from Taylor Swift to Elton John, this singer-songwriter discovered by Jamie Foxx has got an unmatched star quality.

He’s Talented

It’s undeniable.This guy is internationally famous. He’s backed by legend, Elton John. Need we say more?Source

He’s Quirky


He’s Compassionate

Sheeran showed his truest colors recently in light of the devastating Manchester bombings, teaming up with other big name celebrities in a very successful effort to raise money for the victims and their loved ones.


And He Won’t Take Sass From Anyone!

Sheeran is not only famous for his vivacious vocal chords and strumming talents, he has also made a name for himself with his sweet-as-pie, yet slightly mysterious sass-a-frass.

Oh yeah, and he is totes kickin’ it with fellow Brit, Sir James Corden, who is alright too😉

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