Dwayne Johnson is one of the most beloved superstars on the planet.

His personality and smile are even bigger than this 6’5″, 260-pound frame.

He looks like a beast – and he certainly works out like one – but his heart is full of so much positivity and love, he is one of the most popular figures on the planet among kids.

Of course, lending his voice t0 Maui in the Disney hit Moana doesn’t hurt when it comes to the kiddos.

Along with being one of the biggest WWE Superstars during one the promotion’s biggest eras, Johnson turned into one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

And to think, his career began with just $7 in his pocket.

Johnson was a standout on the Miami Hurricanes football team, winning the National Championship in 1991. Unfortunately, a knee injury would sideline his chances at a shot in the NFL.

He did, however, briefly play in the CFL, but was cut not long after joining the Calgary Stampeders and went home to Miami without enough money to even hail a cab.

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