Last year, Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham released his debut single “Kinda Crazy” to not a lot of fanfare.


In fact, the single did so poorly, Graham expressed his displeasure with his “so-called friends” on social media.




After Drake, aka ChampagnePapi responded with a laughing emoji and “geez man so harsh,” the elder Graham deleted the following Instagram post:


“I will be deleting all my so called friends on Instagram who hasn’t purchased my 1.29 Kinda Crazy single how cheap can friends be have a nice life!!!!!!! As of midnight tonight you will be a faded memory, you know who you are, and you can also see that all you a**holes that are making what you think are funny comments has been blocked.”


One sip and…

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So, Dennis (or Drake, who knows?) enlisted 24-year-old Nikeisha Andersson to direct a video for “Kinda Crazy,” and it really holds up to its billing.




Dennis actually canceled the video premiere party which lead many to wonder if the project was going to see the light of day.


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