Back in the day before Drake was Drake, he was Jimmy in the Canadian drama, Degrassi, and an aspiring musician. Although he was a very well-known actor at the time, he still struggled to finance his up-and-coming music career. In an attempt to maintain the necessary image he needed to sauce on the rap and R&B scene, Drizzy found himself obsessed with online shopping.

Well, more like bidding actually. The 6 God had to be fresh to death and ended up running up quite the check in his mother’s name. Everyone knows that Drake’s mother holds the title as his number one fan and has supported his dreams from the get-go, however one can imagine that Sandy Graham was less than enthused when she saw the damage that her baby boy could do on the Interwebz.

Well, as mother’s do, we can guarantee that Sandy got over Drake’s early mistakes pretty quickly when he blew up and became the biggest player in the game. His seemingly permanent home on the Billboard Top 200 has no doubt covered the debt that was owed to momma and then some! The letter he wrote confessing his problem with his E Bae (LOL, get it?) is pretty amazing however and you will be glad that you took a moment to check it out.

If anything, this cute confession will just make you love the 6 God even more. Try not to get in your feels, Drizzy does that enough for the rest of us!

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