Believe it or not, we’ve only explored a mere five percent of the Earth’s waterways. From oceans to lakes, rivers to swamps, three quarters of our plant is covered in liquid, and yet we know next to nothing about what resides beneath the surface. Every year, it seems like new research comes along to argue for another species, another bizarre biological mutation.

This Is What The Canal Saint-Martin Looks Like Most Of The Time



Let The Clean-Up Begin



On the other hand, man has had his hand in supplying some of these secrets, and as far as these people are concerned, they want those mysteries to remain hidden. Recently, a famous tributary in France was drained for a massive cleaning. The Canal Saint-Martin has been providing fresh water to the people of Paris since Napoleon ordered its construction in 1802.

People Will Throw Just About Anything In The Canal



Every few years it is dammed up so that a crew can go in and remove debris, historic artifacts, and other unusual objects. As a main part of the city, there are many different items submerged under the water, but a few themes have clearly emerged. As you will see in the video included, mopeds, bikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles seem to be of special favor with those looking for a quick place to dump an object.




And Of Course, There’s Lots Of Wine Bottles



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