Okay, So A Quick Reminder Of What We Are Working With

You are not hallucinating, this is the real thing. 

Let The Opinions Flow, This Won’t Be Pretty

Naturally, people are floored.

Could it be out of context? How did they think that something like this would fly in 2017?
Hopeful Voices Tried To Rationalize-Could It be A Joke?

Was this a mistake? Say it isn’t real!
Someone tell us, it’s a tasteless meme or something. NOPE. It’s real. It’s really real. SMH While many people voiced their incredible distaste for this thoughtless advertisment, others decided to take action and “put it to the man.”

It’s safe to say that more than a few people were offended by Doves attempt marketing their brand.

This ad definitely caused further exploration of the popular soap brands common practices and let’s just say-the results were not pretty. It gets worse… This isn’t their first offense.

Now, they might have been able to come back from one slip but two or more-Dove soap might very well be done for.

Chances are , this long standing soap distributer will be losing a few previously loyal customers.

READ ON to get a taste of the Twitter shade that’s being thrown Doves way…

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