Well, it looks like the most recent predictions ere wrong, yet again but maybe speculators will be right this time. If you have been around long enough it’s likely that you have lived through “the world ending” at least 10 times by now.

Thankfully, no theorist has been totally right about their doomsday calculations…YET



Last month, one numerologist David Meade’s caught the attention of many, gaining a little bit of traction.

His basis for assumption that it’s all about to be over as we know it?-The Bible, duh.

Meade predicted that the world was going on to end on September 23. Of course, however, this never actually happened – and the entire world was left on the hook for all of their bills for the next month.



Well, just in case you thought we were all in the clear, you might want to think again. There’s already a new date for the earth’s final day – and it’s actually right around the corner.

So if you had any annoying plans coming up or any major bills due – you might be able to get out of them…and out of everything else.

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