When you think about the most secure places in the world, it’s quite possible you think of military installations or government buildings.

That would make the most sense, right?


As we’ve seen over the years, that isn’t always the case. How many times has someone been caught “jumping” the White House fence?

It kind of makes you wonder about the security of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


As shocking as it may be, considering the numerous people that have successfully gotten over/through the White House fence over the years (there have been dozens), it’s still one of the top guarded residences in the world.


The most heavily protected residences across the world are going to belong to the most powerful people on the planet, or so you’d think.

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Ryongsong Residence, also known as Residence No. 55 is a presidential palace in North Korea that houses Kim Jong-un. The complex has underground wartime headquarters, protected with walls with iron rods and concrete covered with lead in case of a nuclear war.

The property is also surrounded by an electric fence, mine fields, and security checkpoints. The main residence is also connected with other smaller palaces and an underground train station.


Actual royalty need not worry!

Their residences make it on the list of the top 10 most heavily-guarded homes in the world.

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