Apparently, Trump met with some “African American Leaders in the community and came to the conclusion that the term “Black” is less socially acceptable or “politically correct” than the phrase African American. That’s the word according to sources at TMZ.

So, This Guy…Is The President Of The United States


Not Only Has He Already Reformed Laws, Negatively Affecting The Women Of America But Now Trump’s Agenda Is Changing History Again

Black History, that is. The President has officially declared the month of February, AKA Black History Month to be African American Month, from here forward…

Yeah, You Read That Right.

African American Month is now in full effect, but how can we celebrate something that segregates so many people? Isn’t the point of Black History month to be all encompassing? Why aren’t we siding with unity?

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The struggle with this is that not all “black” or darker skinned men and women are the same No one should assume that darker skin only of African descent. Some men and women with dark skin come from the warm weathered Caribbeans.

Although Trump Acknowledged Many Great Leaders…

There is no denying that his latest stunt is only going to make matters worse. Would our greatest civil rights leaders be pained by the new ruling?