How often do you stop to think about how very big and incredible the planet Earth is? It’s rare that anyone stop to smell the coffee, let alone take in the mountain breeze but that’s ok because thanks to the World Wide Web and science, it’s as easy as a few clicks and scroll or two to get a good view of just how minute we are in this HUGE universe!

If you don’t have the time or resources (ya know, like a spaceship) to touch ground and soak up a first-person sight of some of the wonderful and mysterious views of earth from the rest of the universe don’t fret, just read ahead!

The Mother…

1 And Her Neighbors…2 The Distance From The Earth To Moon…3

It May Not Look Like Much, But Every Planet In Our Solar System Could Fit Into That Space!
4 Earth Is Tiny, This Is North America Photoshopped Onto Jupiter…5 6 Earths Could Occupy Saturn, With Room To Spare!
6 If Earth Has Saturn’s Rings, The World Would Look Like This…7

This Is A Comet Next To L.A. For Scale…8

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