As the summer months approach and temperatures begin to soar, along with the heat come all sorts of pesky problems like sunburns, sunstroke and mosquitoes. And while most of us are able to prevent some of these issues by wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated and using bug repellent, unexpected problems can pop up if you’re not prepared.

Beka Setzer Wants Others To Know The Dangers Of Seed Ticks

Nothing could have prepared Beka Setzer for the frightening discovery she made last summer after daughter Emmalee returned from playing outside in their backyard. While she napped, Beka noticed her daughter was covered in tiny black dots all over her body.

Her Daughter Emmalee Was Covered In Over 150 Seed Ticks

Her concern quickly turned to horror after she realized the tiny dots were not seeds but in fact seed ticks. Beka pulled 150 of the pinhead sized ticks (in the larval stage) off of her daughter with tweezers, gave her a bath and scoured the bed linens.

The Bugs That Looked Like Tiny Specks Of Dirt Bit Her Daughter Everywhere

She also gave her an antihistamine but the next morning her lymph nodes were swollen, so she took Emmalee to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics.

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