Rosamere Fernanda de Andrade was shocked at the sight of her first-born. When nurses handed herher baby, she thought for sure someone was laying a trick on her. Rosa and her husband are both dark-skinned. There is no shortage of melanin in their brown sugar and cinnamon pigmented skin but their first-born child was just as fair as can be. As it turns out, Rosa and her now ex-husband had just been introduced to their beautiful albino baby. The skin condition is not all that common and makes for some very striking individuals, although it does come with a few struggles.

The Mother Of 6 Was More Than Surprised When She Met Her Oldest, Ruth


She Had No Idea That Ruth Would Be The First Of 3 Light-Skinned Kids!

The family continued to grow. The most interesting thing about this family is that Rosa has given birth to three dark-skinned children and three albino children! Growing up in this family is no easy task. While many locals believe that Rosa’s beautiful children are blessed, some think the family is cursed.

The oldest girls express how difficult it can be at times , living with their rare skin condition Not only must they lather up in 100 SPF multiple times a day to avoid burning, but they suffer from poor eyesight and are oftentimes ridiculed by their peers for being different.

Sometimes Other Children Mock Them For Their Light-Skin And Glasses


But At The End Of The Day This Family Sticks Together Stands Strong In Their Diversity!


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