Introducing Sara Night. Sara is a London based tattoo artist, body mod specialist, model and beautician. The stunning artist is covered in over 70 tattoos in addition to her split tongue and multiple piercings. She has definitely modified hr body into a unique and sexy queen, just the way she is most comfortable being!

Tattoos and piercings may not be for everyone but for Sara, this industry is life and she has mastered the art if being true to herself and different. Sara’s decision to tat the whites of her eyes was a bold move, but the artist doesn’t regret a thing! She loves the way they make her gaze that much more mysterious!

Sara’s Eyeball Ink Is Not Her Only Extreme Body Modification!

Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This Before?

The tattoo artist and piercer and cosmetologist is no stranger to stranger things or needles. Clearly, this woman does not fear a little slice or prick in the name of vanity. Pain is beauty and Sara is a tried and true alternative and unique beauty queen!

Painful Or Not, Sara’s Modified Blue Eyes Are Pretty Hott!

Although No One Yet Knows The Long Term Effects Of An Eyeball Tat Most Admit, They Look Really Rad!

This Seductive And Talented Artist Isn’t The Only One Who Has Taken The Dive…

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