There really is no denying the value of a great logo. When it comes to branding, visual aesthetic is half the battle. Just think of all of the most popular brands, the leaders.

Off top, what is the first thing you visualize? Perhaps it’s the color scheme or the bold imagery which represents big name brands like Nike with the swoosh, or Apple with the well, APPLE.

In fact, when a company does their logo right, it can make a business become recognized all over the world.

Recently, Tom Galle, a New York based artist decided to put an interesting spin on some of the most easily recognizable logos out there. He decided to use the logos to make a bit of pop culture commentary by turning them into weapons.

Although it’s unclear what message Galle is trying to send with this project, one thing is for sure, he’s created some pretty dope ass art.

There is more functional logo art UP NEXT