Back in the day we all only ate the foods that we had access to. Now, at least in developed countries and particularly in America, we have access to practically any fruit, vegetable or cuisine we can imagine.

However, some people from every corner of the map, are ingesting less than appetizing and sometime very dangerous things.

Here are 15 foods that people claim taste great but could potentially be dangerous – not to mention, gross!

15. Fugu

If this looks but doesn’t sound familiar to you it’s because, in Japan, pufferfish are called Fugu. In Japanese cuisine, Fugu is a very popular protein; however, the liver and intestine contain the toxic chemical tetrodotoxin. In 2015, five men allegedly died in Japan after consuming Fugu.


14. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu, a type of rotten cheese, is actually banned in the U.S. Why? In Italy, it’s known as Sardinian Maggot Cheese and it is made by blending maggots in sheep’s milk.


13. Sannakji

Sannakji is a Korean octopus that the locals consume while it’s still alive. It’s been reported that six deaths occur every year as a result of the Sannakji’s tentacles getting stuck in people’s throats.


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