Stanley and his son Josiah look like a regular father-son duo, but the minute the music starts, these two are anything but ordinary!

Two years ago, Stanley and Josiah began dancing together in choreographed videos that Stanley would then upload to his Instagram account.

Stanley isn’t just dancing with his adorable four-year-old son, he’s uses the music and dancing as a means to not only bond, but to teach his son!

First, Stanley taught Josiah his ABCs.

Wait a minute, it's #fatherlikeson

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Next, they moved on to adding numbers.

Lets added up!!!!!#fatherlikeson

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Bonding with your kids in any way is awesome but Stanley and Josiah have taken it to the next level.

Stanley posts the videos in the hopes that he and his son will inspire other fathers to do the same with their sons.

It Looks Like The Idea Is Catching On!

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