If you spend enough time on the Internet, you start to realize that there is certainly no shortage of weird people in the world. I mean seriously, every time scroll down your social media timeline or click a link, your bound to see something strange.

The Face You Make Every Time You Surf The Internet


Well, if you’re ready for something incredibly odd, even by the Internet’s standards, you’re in for a real treat. And you have a lovely European model to thank.

Exciting, I Know!

Model, Martina Big, is no stranger to making headlines. After all, her bra size is 32S which is basically the equivalent of having two small children attached to her chest.

Guess They Don’t Call Her “Big” For Nothin’

However, these days, Martina is in the news for an entirely new reason. Apparently, the model is on a mission to get “African dark.” Yeah, you read that right. Martina has been undergoing some very extreme ‘tanning’ procedures in order to get her skin as dark as possible.

But why? You’ll never guess…Like seriously LOL.

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