Have you ever been somewhere and gotten what can best be described as a “creepy” feeling? Call it a premonition or intuitive unease, but the truth is that some places are haunted by their past. History is the main ghost claiming residence in spaces all over the globe, the Five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) of what went down there creating an energy that you can physically pick up on. Some spirit in a white sheet might not be roaming the grounds moaning for their lost love, but if you walk into a home that had been the scene of a terrible crime, you’d sense the horror that happened, wouldn’t you? It might be something more than how susceptible you are to suggestion, but it’s there.

Take the locations shown in the gallery below. For all we know, nothing bad happened at or near any of them. A couple are just relics from a time when technology swallowed a town, or a locale wanted to celebrate a certain Christian symbol. But whenever you deal with the abandoned and deserted, you also deal with the lives lived there and the ups and down within. Argue all you want to about an afterlife, but part of the allure to places like these is being able to “feel” the environment, for good and for bad. An old asylum may no longer hold patients, but as a portal to their pain, it must be a spooky storage unit, right? Enjoy.

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The Last Home From A Town Swallowed By Waterspooky2

The Inside Of A Government Building In Bulgariaspooky3

Perfect For Your Next Horror Movie-Themed Night Terrorspooky4

Are Those People Real? Are They Ghosts? Or Both?spooky5

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