What creeps you out? Gives you the heebie jeebies and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in scared attention? For some, it’s the idea of actual monster. Werewolves, zombies, and ghouls are (mostly) fictional, but that doesn’t mean you don’t pull the covers up over your head when the darkness descends on your most vivid nightmares.

Most Are Pretty


Perhaps it’s an abandoned building which brings out your inherent cowardice. For some, an empty place is just rotting brick and mortar. Others, however, view such spaces as vaults for unsettled souls and spirits and wouldn’t be caught dead walking around in them, let alone spending the night in their ghostly gloom and doom. And then there are dolls. From Annabelle to Chucky, the playtime effigy has found new “life” as a living embodiment of evil.

Some Are Suspect


So it makes sense that the Internet would be inundated with videos showing these creepshow stars, and specifically, offering up “proof” that some of them are even possessed. How? By catching them moving. Yes, moving. On their own. Without any visible means of such mobility. Naturally, there are explanations for most of these incidents, but in the five cases here, the proof is in the visible pudding.

And Then There Are Dolls Who Are Pure Evil


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