Artists find inspiration in many places. In the location where they live. In the mediums that inspire their muse. In the things they see every day and the way they interpret that reality. It’s a calling more than a casual activity. In fact, many creative types will tell you that they have to make art. They can’t control themselves. For someone like Salavat Fidai , a fascination with miniatures and tiny sculpting has produced some of the most unique works in the world of carving. You see, he doesn’t use a pencil to make his amazing almost microscopic renderings – the pencil is his entire platform.

As you can see below, what we take for granted as an erasable means of getting through that dreaded standardized test has become the graphite-based means of expression for this incredible carver. The Instagram images and videos below show Fidai in action and its mesmerizing. He’s working on such a infinitesimal level, and producing such detail, that it’s almost like watching a wizard perform magic. And make no mistake about it – this artist is making money off his works. He sells them on Etsy, and an Eiffel Tower, for example, can set you back $700. For that amount of skill and specialization, it’s worth it.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Happy Woman's Day! 🌷 ✏️ Sold

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Like His Work You Must…

You have already seen "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ?

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With Liberty And Justice For All…

Micro Statue of Liberty🗽 Sold

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Think You Can Play This Guitar?

🎸 Time lapse video carving process. Full original video on ✏️Sold

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It’s Wall-E!

The Eiffel Tower

For Some Perspective

This is a normal 2mm pencil and a standard matchstick… ✏️

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Many Of The World’s Great Monuments

The World Cup!

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

❤️ All You Need Is Love… ❤️

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