This guy has gotten pretty internet famous for his notoriously entertaining unboxing web series. Host, Lewis Hilsenteger takes his online reveals seriously, only bringing the dopest things to the desk and always coming through with a not only thorough but highly entertaining show.

So what’s better than a good show a the latest high-priced gadget? Eh, maybe a few things but this $20,000 smartphone is made of more than sugar, spice and everything nice. This thing is made for the big leagues donning features like no other handheld computer and made of only the finest materials.

It’s definitely worth taking at a glance at this luxurious phone made for ballers only.

It’s The Rolls Royce Of Smartphones…


Lewis Claims, It’s The Most Expensive Thing To Ever Sit Upon His Desk


Even The Packaging Screams Luxury


And That Gold You See? It’s Real


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