Did you know that according to popular opinion, the rock n’ roll and blues King known his “Blue Suede Shoes” and gyrating dance moves is STILL ALIVE? Okay, so maybe not EVERYONE believes that Elvis is still alive and walking but this is definitely a conspiracy worth mentioning.Source

Up Next,Everyone’s Favorite Fam To Throw Shade

The Kardashians.

There is no denying that these media junkies have made a living (and a healthy one at that) on making headlines and tabloids. It comes as no surprise to see one of the notorious sisters involved in yet another contrived breaking headline. However, dated this subject may be you gotta admit, there are some serious similarities…

Could Khloe Really Be Oj’s Kid?

Would it really be all that shocking? This family has been through it all and done the most to make it public. Hate them or love them, the Kardashian/Jenner squad knows how to make a buck.

We Don’t Wanna Ruin All The Fun So Jump Over To The Last Page For The REALLY JUICY STUFF (Hint Michael Jackson Conspiracies Await…)

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