It used to happen all the time. A battle between onscreen cowboys and “indians” would result in the death of dozens of horses, and Hollywood would sweep the scandal (and the carcasses) under its carefully constructed PR rugs. Dogs and cats required to come and go on cue were prodded like cattle (JUST LIKE cattle) while less domesticated creatures were slaughtered for the sake of cinema.

As Long As There Have Been Movies, There Have Been Animal Actors


They Can Be An Important Part To Any Film



Now, we believe that things like this no longer happen. Organizations such as PETA and the ASPCA are charged with monitoring productions, the tell-tale “no animals were harmed…” label given to guarantee audiences a guilt free experience. Along with rampant CGI, Rover and Mittens no longer have to worry about rogue filmmakers messing up their fur.

And They Are, Typically, Well Trained And Protected



But now comes word that the upcoming film A Dog’s Purpose may be guilty of abuses. Specially, there is a video floating around (which is attached here) which shows a training forcing a large German Sheppard into a pool of agitated water. The footage, leaked to TMZ by someone close to the production, does show the controlled environment and the care taken with the scene. It also shows something far more disturbing.

But This New Film Is Facing Some Very Troubling Allegations



And There Are People Calling For A Boycott


The Footage Is Quite Damning – Continue On To See For Yourself