There’s one brewing on the horizon. You can tell by looking at the sky. Where once there was sun, or perhaps a horizon filled with broken clouds, now comes a weather warning. Huge billowing rainmakers are growing, throwing out their random lightning and thunderous sonic announcements. They resemble tidal waves washing over the landscape, the inevitable predictions of precipitation and flooding following those about wind and possible property damage. Just like it’s always darkest before the dawn, the pre-storm show can be quite something in and of itself.

Below you will find a series of photos which indicate the presence of high humidity and low, low pressure. From the cityscape to a mountainous vista accented by electricity, we are viewing nature in the process of reclaiming what it can of the planet. Not permanently, and not via something more deadly like a hurricane or typhoon. Instead, it’s time to grab your umbrella and your galoshes. Storms are a-brewing and we have the visual indication of when it’s wise to take cover. Check them out:

Near Denver, Colorado

Talk about an isolated shower.

Near Booker, Texas

Looks like a tornado getting ready to form.

Somewhere In Romania

Almost apocalyptic, don’t you think?

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