Almost every woman can relate to the pain the comes with looking at throwback photo of their eyebrows before they new better. Do you remember in the early 2000’s when eyebrows seemed to diminish with the likes of waists on jeans.

Lowriders , “ice” infused eyeshadows, polyester and mesh EVERYTHING, creepers, chokers, midriffs, dark lips -ya know basically your average 2017 Tumblr chick, with just one exception-where our modern day air brushed and threaded brows compliment our eyes and contoured noses sat pencil thin wisps, filled in with eyebrow pens to a minimal effect.


Like the wind, trends are ever-changing and with the seasons of style and fit, makeup and brows vary to match them. Back in the day, thin brows were all the rage but as of late- the bolder the better. Well, just as long as there’s two.

You see, the fashion industry rules everything from what colors are in-to the hottest hairstyles and everything in between. Bold brows-threaded and neat are all that and bag of Takis right now.


But one model, is pushing for a change. Blessed with big, beautiful brows which she has been known to maintain with castor oil-Sophia Hadjipanteli, is holding her ground-er…holding her brow on this one. No longer maintaining and plucking the middle of her luscious natural brows, Sophia wants to make the Unibrow cool and she’s willing to flaunt her natural-born bushy brows for as long as it takes.

Sophia hasn’t always rocked a unibrow-see more photos NEXT