Individuality and diversity are two of the most rewarding and beautiful things that human experience has to offer. Being able to express oneself through art, or opinion is a as fulfilling as it gets on the journey through life.

Accentuating your unique qualities and showing off style or owning your heritage is part of what it means to be “you.”

But what happens when you run into someone that resembles your physical appearance and style it is uncanny? Some folks might be freaked out, others enthused but either way you look at it, finding a doppelganger can be pretty cool, however  perplexing.

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This Is Uncanny!


Jason Segel Resembles A Young Albert Einstein2

Leelee Sobieski Looks Like A Young Helen Hunt3

The 2 Women Are Total Strangers!4

If You Thought Those Were Unbelievable, Wait Until You See This ‘Dexter’ Double…