Losing weight is a struggle for just about everybody but when you’re a celebrity and a magnifying glass is on your every move, it can be even harder.


All celebrities gain weight when they’re pregnant or fluctuate for movie roles but there are some A-listers who add a few pounds here and there over the years.


You would think that being rich and famous and having access to personal trainers, home gyms, and private chefs would make it easier for them to drop some weight, but that isn’t always the case.


Here are 25 celebrities who’ve had incredible weight losses as evident by these before and after pics!


Tyra Banks


Amount: 30 Lbs.


In her prime, Banks was one of the world’s most famous supermodels and over the years moved to the other side of the camera with her production company. She was heavily pressured to lose weight and was often body-shamed in tabloids, which led her to lose the weight by following a strict Paleo Diet and exercising with a personal¬†trainer.


Lena Dunham


Amount: 30 Lbs.


The writer/producer credits her weight loss to Donald Trump being elected President.



Mariah Carey


Amount: 30 Lbs.


Mariah Carey has always been a bombshell but she gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with her twins. She was initially able to lose the weight but has been struggling to maintain a consistent body weight ever since. She claims that eating Norweigan salmon and capers every day aided in her weight reduction.



Raven Simone


Amount: 70 Lbs.


As a child actor, Raven was always on the chubby side and as she matured into adulthood the trait never left. Now a co-host of The View, she committed to a healthier lifestyle by hiring a nutritionist and cutting out all fast food.



Zach Galifianakis


Amount: 50 Lbs.


Galifianakis was pretty quiet about his weight loss until he showed up on a red carpet 50 pounds lighter. He said it took six months to lose the weight and he mainly did it by a metabolism booster and cutting alcohol out completely from his diet.


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