The smartphone. Or the cellphone. Whatever you want to call it. We can’t live without them. They are our window onto the world. They are our chief source of information, entertainment, and how many of us do business. Without that instant connection, we feel lost. Heck, even that daily (or hourly) game of Angry Birds is important to getting your mind right for the rest of your life.

We Love Our Cellphones



That Is, When They Aren’t Exploding On Us



Then Samsung has to go and screw everything up with their “exploding” device. Granted, they didn’t do it on purpose, but what does it say about Apple’s lead competitor when they can’t quite figure out how keep their expensive technological marvel from blowing up in your hand. Or worse. Apparently, their response is…get the newest model when it comes out in a few months. Seriously?

It Seems To Be Happening…



Anyway, there’s a video going around social media showing why this solution may not be the best. It proports to show CeeLo Green, the man behind such huge hits as “Crazy” and the classic “F-You,” working in the studio. He takes a call on his phone and appears to be having an intense conversation when the worst possible thing happens. It’s shocking and scary.

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Was CeeLo Green A Victim Of Such An Accident?



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