Let’s face it – we are a viral world. One minute, a misbehaved teenager speaks slang to Dr. Phil, the next, she’s a runaway social media superstar appearing in music videos and earning her own reality TV show (Howdowdah?). Or perhaps, you’ve spent many years learning the intricacies of Microsoft Paint to illustrate your eBook. The next, your details images are all over the Internet, the result of your story going global.

What Is This?



Perhaps that’s why there are so many fakes and frauds out there. If your a Santa impersonator looking for a little attention, ,perhaps you create a story about granted a dying child’s last wish as he passes in your arms. Or maybe you’re using digital effects and other computer generated imagery to show that “ghosts” really do exist in our world.

Is This Real?



Whatever the motive, many of these so-called “explainable” events are now just fodder for your news feed. However, there are times when something comes along that defies an explanation. And since it happens in plain sight of many witnesses, the possibility of forgery is almost non-existent. The video included in this story offers five examples of what we are talking about. Go check it out.

What About This?



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